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How to Incorporate Customer Advocacy into the Marketing Mix

2021-10-29T17:40:26-05:00Advocate Marketing, Customer Advocacy|

We’re currently living in an engagement economy, wherein everyone and everything is connected. People have always talked, but they now do it on an unprecedented scale. That’s important in a world where it takes anywhere from five to 20 touches with your marketing efforts to generate a sales lead, and 80% of marketing reach comes from amplification via

Customer Advocacy as a Brand Differentiator

2021-12-23T11:16:04-06:00Advocate Marketing, Customer Advocacy, Customer Marketing|

As someone passionate about customer advocacy, I am convinced that a customer advocacy program is one of the most effective ways to start building meaningful relationships with your customers and empower authentic word of mouth.  Amplifying your Happy Customer’s voice through a mix of media and channels not only extends your brand’s reach but does

Technology for Your Customer Advocacy Program and Why You Need It

2022-01-31T20:31:06-06:00Customer Advocacy, Customer Reference, Reference Management Technology|

Your customer advocacy program can benefit from technology to provide you a single view of communication with a customer and equally important, provide you a single view of communication between your sales and marketing teams internally. Many of today’s reference management software solutions can be integrated with CRM solutions and automate the processes you

How to Move from Tactical to Strategic: 5 Essentials Every Successful Customer Advocacy Program Needs

2022-01-31T20:49:50-06:00Customer Advocacy, Customer Engagement, Customer Reference|

Most customer advocacy programs have grown out of a need to supply a reference to a prospect for a sales opportunity. If you wait until the prospect asks for a reference, then you are working in what’s called an ‘on-demand’ and reactive state of doing business.  Many customer advocacy programs were once called (and

How To Leverage Your Customer Advocacy Program Throughout the Sales Cycle

2022-01-31T20:38:24-06:00Customer Advocacy, Sales Enablement|

Your customer advocacy program is a powerful tool in strengthening your brand and shortening the sales cycle. Here is how your program can impact the various sales milestones: Pre-Qualification by B2B Buyer According to Forrester, “today’s business buyers are increasingly self-directed: 60% prefer not to interact with a sales rep as the primary source

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