How to Mobilize Socially Savvy Customer Advocates

2021-11-17T16:27:21-06:00Advocate Marketing, Customer Advocacy, Customer Engagement|

As more and more companies transition to a digital marketing strategy, there is a golden opportunity to involve your customer advocates. Any advocate for your brand can be a game-changer in the buyer's journey.  In a fireside chat at the Influitive Live virtual event, I shared keys to success for driving social engagement and advocacy

How to Incorporate Customer Advocacy into the Marketing Mix

2021-10-29T17:40:26-05:00Advocate Marketing, Customer Advocacy|

We’re currently living in an engagement economy, wherein everyone and everything is connected. People have always talked, but they now do it on an unprecedented scale. That’s important in a world where it takes anywhere from five to 20 touches with your marketing efforts to generate a sales lead, and 80% of marketing reach comes from amplification via

Customer Advocacy as a Brand Differentiator

2021-12-23T11:16:04-06:00Advocate Marketing, Customer Advocacy, Customer Marketing|

As someone passionate about customer advocacy, I am convinced that a customer advocacy program is one of the most effective ways to start building meaningful relationships with your customers and empower authentic word of mouth.  Amplifying your Happy Customer’s voice through a mix of media and channels not only extends your brand’s reach but does

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