How to Mobilize Socially Savvy Customer Advocates

As more and more companies transition to a digital marketing strategy, there is a golden opportunity to involve your customer advocates. Any advocate for your brand can be a game-changer in the buyer's journey.  In a fireside chat at the Influitive Live virtual event, I

The Customer Experience Loop

The customer journey is specific to the digital and human interactions, or touchpoints, that your customers and potential customers have with your product, service, and brand. In B2B, there is an ever-increasing focus on the customer journey and how we can positively impact the overall

The Customer-Centric Mindset

Organizations can help achieve operational efficiencies by leveraging technology—as it creates a seamless internal communication process amongst stakeholders. However, the customer experience often gets lost along the way. A customer-centric mindset focuses on people first, technology second, and will enable your organization to offer an

Where Customer Storytelling Takes Us Next

In a video interview with Vocal Video, Where Customer Storytelling Takes Us Next, I provided three customer storytelling trends that I foresee occurring over the next five years: Digital assets and promotion will remain. We will become much more creative yet brief in our storytelling

Enhancing Customer Engagements with Enablement

I recently had the opportunity to participate as a panelist for a Sales Enablement Soiree virtual event with Sales Enablement Pro. Our session, Enhancing Customer Engagements with Enablement, explored how sales reps in 2021 must be highly skilled in fostering authentic customer relationships for the

A Retention Strategy at Your Fingertips

In highly competitive industries, such as Software as a Service (SaaS), customer advocacy is a company’s greatest differentiator. This means that you’ll have a viable retention strategy at your fingertips if you can develop your customers into advocates.  This is how customer satisfaction and customer

Relevance, Visibility, and Career Progression

I had the opportunity to sit down with Margot Leong, creator, and host of Beating The Drum, a podcast about the art and science of customer advocacy. In this episode, How to Create Relevance and Boost Your Team’s Visibility, we discuss several common topics in the field

Channel Partners in Your Customer Advocacy Program

Channel Partners are a vital part of the business model for many companies. Why and how would you want to include Partners in your customer advocacy program? Consider them as an extension of your customer ecosystem. As such, here are two approaches to welcoming Channel Partners in your

How to Incorporate Customer Advocacy into the Marketing Mix

We’re currently living in an engagement economy, wherein everyone and everything is connected. People have always talked, but they now do it on an unprecedented scale. That’s important in a world where it takes anywhere from five to 20 touches with your marketing efforts to generate a

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