Measuring Your Customer Advocacy Program

The moment of truth has arrived.  You are ready to evaluate the ROI on your customer advocacy program.  What metrics have you identified as your barometer for success? If you use any one of the many reference management software tools available, you may benefit

Technology for Your Customer Advocacy Program and Why You Need It

Your customer advocacy program can benefit from technology to provide you a single view of communication with a customer and equally important, provide you a single view of communication between your sales and marketing teams internally. Many of today’s reference management software solutions can

Advocate Marketing Drives Brand Awareness

Advocate Marketing is a powerful strategy available to B2B marketers. It is a form of marketing that emphasizes engaging existing customers in your business and theirs. These customers talk about, tweet about and may even blog about your company and its products and services.

The Customer Reference and the Customer Advocate

The customer reference and the customer advocate walk into a cafe. They begin speaking while ordering a coffee and find a commonality – they both use your product(s). They continue their conversation, speaking about the benefits and perhaps drawbacks of the solution but most certainly

Branding and Customer Advocacy in Harmony

How many times have you heard someone in your marketing or sales organization say, ‘the competition has lots of impressive logos on their company site, why don’t we?’ My answer to that question is you can!The most effective way to have more impressive logos is

The Art of Organizing Happy Customers and Attracting More

In 2016, only 10% of B2B IT vendors had established customer advocacy programs, despite it being named one of the top 5 most important competencies for marketing success, according to IDC. IDC’s 2017 Loyalty Marketing & Advocacy Marketing Barometer study found that 67% of companies

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