About customer-360

The Value of Customer Advocacy

Our tagline sums up the mission and vision for customer-360.

We are passionate about working with clients to understand their unique needs, and developing customer advocacy programs that enable them to increase revenue and strengthen their brand.

We understand the powerful influence that good customer advocacy programs bring and the value they can deliver for our clients:

  • Effectively engaging customers to help shorten the sales cycle
  • Building brand preference through association with, and advocacy by, top brands
  • Increasing customer loyalty by strengthening connections with advocacy partnerships
  • Reducing the risk of customer attrition

customer-360 brings a fresh perspective to sales enablement that creates an effective framework that encourages conversions along the sales cycle. Our tools and framework are tailored to each client based on the unique challenges, opportunities, organization size and other considerations that influence program design:

  • The Customer Engagement Roadmap™ has helped customers select a format that fits their needs and comfort level
  • Expertise to quickly identify opportunities to improve and optimize an existing program
  • Proven methods for measuring customer reference and advocacy program impact
  • A fresh perspective that allows us to assess the current situation and organizational readiness for effective programming
  • Technology to organize and integrate the customer data as well as measure progress